Thursday, January 8, 2009

Second post of the day!

Ok, I just wanted to spread a little good news. This past week I went to the local mall. I wanted to go to Hot Topic. Usually I don't shop there, but I wanted a necklace/choker to wear. So I walk in and there is 50-75% off all items! What had happened is that Hot Topic is closing in that mall. The mall sucks over all and its getting no business at all. Oh well, it was great for me ^_^. Hot Topic has some pretty expensive stuff inside, its cool stuff, but expensive non the less. The great thing about this store is that you can look and examine anything and feel comfortable. So guess what I did? I bought all the women's clothing and items I wanted. I have bought several shirts and necklaces. It feels so good to treat yourself and save money while doing so. I went back today to get a few more things. I got some great thigh high stockings, make up and these knee high sneakers that are just gorgeous. Hell, I might even go back to save money on make up.

Events like this is so beneficial to my transition. I mean come on, you can never have enough clothing. I am glad that these deals came after the holidays. The holidays are so demanding and you have no time or money to focus on yourself. I am looking forward to increasing my wardrobe while dwindling down on the male wear. ^_^



Lori D said...

Awesome! A girl can NEVER have enough clothes!

alan said...

Keep your eyes and ears open, because if the news is correct they said at least 160,000 shops like that are going to close this year, along with the some of the malls they are in.

Perhaps you'll find a bright spot in their gloom!

I know you're a bright spot in my life!