Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back from Academy

Today was my last day at academy. All was very well. I do believe that I was one of the more skilled students in the class. This is pretty much exactly where I want to be. Of course my skills will need refining, however if someone comes into the groom shop with a dog for me to do I am confident the customer will be satisfied with the end result.

Tomorrow I begin work and am ready for it. In the beginning I will only have a few dogs a day to do. This limit will increase pertaining to how successful I am completing the dogs already assigned to me. All and all I am excited, over joyed and am well on my way. I hope all is well for all of you out there.


-Nikki ^_^

Saturday, July 11, 2009

V for Victory!

I am on cloud nine right now. Yesterday I went into town to finally get my license and social security change (the name on it, not the number). It was so simple with no problems what so ever. The DMV would be my first pit stop. In total I was there maybe for ten minutes. There was no confusion on their part as to what I was doing. All I did was show them my court order and the rest was pie. My temporary license is in my possession. The actual card will take a couple of weeks to come in the mail. After that mission was complete my next stop would be social security.

The social security office was just a block away. I enter the building and find a room of people sitting in rows, almost like a classroom. It was a little intimidating. Everyone was waiting for their appointment, so the room was dead silent. It was so quiet you could whisper in you lowest voice and people would still hear you perfectly fine. As I was called to approach the window I had expressed that I needed a name change on my social security card. The lady who was servicing me asked if I was changing my name to my husband's name. All I did was slide the court order under the fiberglass and said I received this from the court. I was about to explain I was transgender, but before I could utter a syllible she stopped me after understanding my situation. Relief showered all over me at that point. In that circumstance I did not want to out myself to a whole room of people. The lady behind the counter informed me that the card will take one to two weeks to be mailed to me.

Friday was a day of triumph. It was a day of great joy and celebration. This was a step forward in my transition as well as my life. I have heard that name change is the most difficult part of transition. Well so far in my transition it was the hardest part for me. I will discuss with all my accounts of my name change. There is so much to be thankful of and I am truly thankful.

-Nikki ^_^

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In Academy

For a week and a half I have begun grooming academy. It has been excellent thus far. In my best efforts I am doing all that I can to learn as much as I can. My teacher notices and feels the passion that I possess. She likes my enthusiasm and that allows any teacher to give their best efforts to their students. I also have been living in a hotel. The room is paid for by Petsmart. It sure is nice to sleep in a real bed again. I don't have to share a bathroom, which is nice. After all, a girl can use her privacy ;).

Everything is going alright for me. I am in school, my transition is going well and I am so close to completely changing my name. Thank you everyone for your support.

With much love,