Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Night before lying down for sleep I got a weird sensation. My hand had pressed up against my chest. It was sore at the tip. I was like "oh my god!" It was expected, I didn't expect it this soon though. I was on a half dose of hormones for a month. After receiving permission from my doctors I I went up to a full dose of hormones. It'll be two weeks that I have been on a half dose today.

The reason I am like "oh my god" is because this slight soreness means breast growth will probably be starting soon ^_^. I am always looking for what changes will occur.

When starting HRT, I felt things would take months to just get started. However, I think little bits here and there will come to my attention more sooner than later. To be honest, I am just taking everything in and enjoying the ride. ^_^



Danie said...

Awesome! I am even excited for you!

and to be honest, i can't wait till i get to the point you are at! I really cant!

Only after 2 weeks a pretty major change started! that just gets me more excited for my future!

alan said...

Nikki, that is one of the happiest things I've heard of late! I'm glad things are "going your way" and shall hope that they continue to for the next 100 years or so!

Thank you for your friendship these past months, the smiles you've brought me and your kindness in sharing your world with me!

May the Holidays bring you much joy and may the New Year bring every dream come true!


Kathryn said...

That is soo exciting. I remember how surprised I was when mine first were sore. Now you just have to be careful what you bump into, that's when it can really hurt! LOL Isn't it nice to have that physical sign that things are progressing. Enjoy every moment of it!


Nikki said...

Its very exciting indeed. I didn't expect soreness in almost two weeks of taking a full dose of hormones. ^_^