Thursday, December 18, 2008

Come out part 2

Now that I have come out to my mother I would like to have a discussion about transition and what it means to me. I need to express that I am on hormones. There is a need for me to discuss what I have done over the past year. She is not aware of me going to NYC to trans support groups.

Informing my mother that I am on hormones feels almost like a second coming out. Sure I came out, but I don't think it will settle in until it is known that I've already begun to take the first steps to transition. Surely there is much to be discussed. In fact, since my coming out nothing has been discussed at all.

I decided to come out around the holiday season because people can be a bit more light hearted and caught up in the holiday spirit. Another reason, in which I think is pretty cool, is to make sure I don't get any "man" items for Christmas. ^_^


Danie said...

It may be smart to have the more detailed discussion. I know when i first told my mom, she barely understood any of it. so when i started explaining it to her, it helped her out.

I wouldn't think of it like a second coming out, that'll just make you more nervous. The talk may help more especially seeing as how nothing has been discussed at all!

I was going to come out before the holidays(to my dad that is) but because he is pretty old, and he may not be able to accept it to well, i decided to tell him after the new year. this way, it won't be directly on his mind when he is visiting my grandma for x-mas.

oh, and just so you know, This blog, inspired me to create a blog similar to it for myself.

alan said...

I'm so glad that you are moving forward in your life, Nikki! Having things out in the open has to make life much better for both of you! The more she understands the easier it will become at home, easing things in every other aspect of both your lives.

I hope you were far enough ahead of the curve about the Christmas items...I started shopping in June...

Of course, not a bit of it's wrapped yet!

May your Christmas and New Year be wonderful!