Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doing ok

Hi everyone. I gotta say things have been rough, but I am getting through it ok. I have a cheap room to live in. The family that lives there is great. They have no problem with me being trans and they help me out alot. I should be sent out to grooming school by the end of this month. I can't wait to go to grooming school. My performance on the job is excellent and I am striving to be the best there. Just this past week I picked myself up an extra credit card to help me out. I'll see how things go transitioning from this month to the next. If everything runs smooth, I may get myself a laptop with the credit card. Lol this blog is actually being written from a public library. Just to let everyone know, I will post a blog about what specifically happened as far as getting kicked out and finding a place. I hope all is well with everyone here. Take care everyone. Much love.


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alan said...

Finding words from you here...I will sleep easier tonight!

I had no doubt about your making a go of it at your job no matter what it was; you wanted it and you wanted to excel, you weren't just there to take up space!

Thank you for finding time to let us know you are OK!