Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am most defiantly full time now. I wear full eye make up and present as female. Some see me as a girl, some don't and others don't know what to make of me. However, I have only been on hormones for four months. I cannot expect to much too son.

At work I have been coming out more and more. If a situation arises as to my presentation, I am honest as to who and what I am. Not just because it is obvious that I am different then how they had seen before, but because I want people to get my gender right.



alan said...

I don't know how this slipped past me, but I'm sorry I let it!

I wish defiance didn't have to be involved and you could just "Be", though I understand how you mean that.

My pride in and for you makes my heart smile...

Honesty is the only way to get through this life sane and at peace with ourselves. Anything less is a recipe for regret, doubt, ulcers, gray hair and worse!


Nikki said...

Thanks for the kind words hun. ^_^