Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Went shopping! ^_^

This actually wasn't a huge deal, but I had never had a real experience browsing and shopping for women's clothing. It can be nerve racking when you have never really, really shopped before. You feel so self conscious, always wondering who is going to stare or make funny faces at you.

I started my shopping venture at TJmaxx. It kinda sucked. I go in and I see just mostly women in the store. For the space that was provided there was a lot of people inside. The thing about the store is that there is a men's women's and children sections. The women's section is for the wives and the like to shop for themselves. Sections like the men's and children's are for wives and the like to shop for their significant others. I did not feel comfortable at all in there and I could not loosen up. People will look at like "what is this dude doing here".

Leaving the store and and going off into my car, I venture to find another place to explore my shopping ways. I'm driving around and I find a Kmart. I was like "kick ass". Going in I saw the store was not heavily populated. In fact, it was actually dead. This was great. I needed to go into a store and just try things on. It took me awhile, but I got my bearings and browsed heavily.

I walked out with quite a few items and with great relief. Having a feeling of success I can't help but feel happy. I ended up having a pretty good Veterans Day. ^_^



Lori D said...

Good for you babe. I used to work at a retail giant for Asset Protection, and I'd watch shoppers behaviors and catch the bad people stealing! I learned that men shop women's departments all the time, for their wives or themselves...no one really seemed to care. Your confidence will grow, give it time and keep it up!

alan said...

I've spent a lot of time in Sears lately while we've been Christmas shopping, along with Kohl's, and don't think you'd be likely to have any problems in either of them...

I'm glad you managed to find some of that happiness you are so very due for!