Monday, October 27, 2008

Tomorrow is the day

I have a 3pm appointment with Dr. Swartz tomorrow. Hopefully I will receive clearance to begin HRT. Everyday has been just a count down to tomorrow. Its a big step. Its one that I cannot see avoiding. At this point in my life mentally and emotionally I dare to travel this road I'm on. This is one journey beginning of many as I live and experience life. I do not expect anything to get easier, not in the least. I seek what all trans folk seek, self fulfillment. I will update on my appointment as soon as possible. I'll cross my fingers. ^_^



Lori D said...

Good luck! You're gonna need it!
(Kidding, was repeating a common Star Wars phrase!) But seriously, GOOD LUCK!

alan said...

My fingers are crossed and I'm thinking of you...